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How to Use Our Farm-Grown Chili Garlic Crisp

Use our Chili Garlic Crisp to add a spicy, umami twist to any dish. Need a little help figuring out the best ways to do this? Here are a few ideas on how to best enjoy the condiment in tasty and suprising ways.

The spicy and umami flavors in chili crisp make it a great addition as a finishing sauce on noodles and pasta because they help with brightening up dishes, Try mixing it into anything with chocolate, the earthiness of the condiment pairs deliciously with cocoa flavors. Toss a scoop into a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough, cake batter, or your favorite brownie recipe. Add to a dressing or marinade to kick up the spice. Try drizzling it straight out the jar to flavor up some arugula—the peppery taste of the greens complements the hot pepper and garlic in the chili crisp. Add a few of drops of chili garlic crisp to heat up your cocktail or mocktail. Try it with citrus based drinks - like Cosmos, Margaritas, Lemon Drops or Moscow Mules - the bitterness, heat, and sweetness balance each other. Mix your chili garlic crisp into mayo to make a chili garlic aioli and add some heat to your next sandwich. Drizzle it over your scrambled eggs, stir fry, roasted veggies or meats. How are you using our Farm-Grown Chili Garlic Crisp? Share it with us!

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