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Welcome to the self-serve farm shop at Weathered Eye Farm where we specialize in providing fresh, locally grown produce alongside a selection of vegan and gluten-free foods. Nestled in the heart of Lewes, DE our shop is a haven for those seeking healthy, sustainable, and delicious food options.

The farm shop boasts fresh produce, straight from our fields. If you are embracing a plant-based lifestyle, the farm shop offers a wide range of vegan and gluten-free foods. We also offer a variety of homemade vegan baked goods, such as sweet potato brownies, tahini breakfast cookies, and mixed berry pie bars, all crafted with love and care using ingredients sourced from our farm.

The farm shop is more than just a place to buy food. By shopping at the farm, customers support local agriculture and contribute to a more sustainable and resilient food system.

Conveniently located on New Road in Lewes, DE, the farm shop is easily accessible to both locals and visitors. Ample parking and an easy-to-navigate self-service model make it a favorite destination for locals and vacationers alike, health-conscious individuals, and food enthusiasts.

The farm shop is a sustainable, and health-focused destination where fresh produce and specialty vegan and gluten-free foods come together. 

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